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Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, system of healing that reminds the body of its natural ability to restore balance. It is based on a simple and profound philosophy: allow the body to correct itself. The hallmark of Ortho-Bionomy is pain relief.


Self care strategies.  Client insights.  "Table talk."  Massage modalities.  Staying flexible.  Staying strong.  The latest science of mind and body.  Finding Joy.  Managing pain.  And so on.

Table Talk:  Client Insights

I can keep this dysfunction as long as I want!

I am becoming liquid mercury.



5/9/12 - What Does Foam Rolling Actually Do? (from Men's Journal):  Using a foam roller smooths and lengthens muscles, breaks up adhesions and scar tissue, helps muscles relax thru the tendon-muscle connection, improves blood circulation which increases recovery and improves performance.  See  Five to ten minutes a day following a workout is the best time to use a foam roller.




Current research and developments in health and wellness issues including pathology, treatments, vitamins, supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal products and related environmental issues.

5/2012 A Dark Side of Statins (from Men's Journal) Statins may raise your risk of muscle injury during exercise (reported in the American Journal of Cardiology).  Marathoners'  on statins levels of creatine kinase, a marker of muscle damage, were 36% higher the day after a race.  Heat stress can also worsen muscle damage.



Losing weight is the simplest and hardest challenge I've faced over my lifetime.  To say that seems ridiculous, given the amazing challenges and pain humans suffer, survive and overcome in this world. 

I am a massage therapist and I'd like to inspire, motivate and model health.  Though I'm active, exercise and lift weights, my appearance gives pause.  I don't want my weight to limit me (I love to hike, walk, backpack and ride horses), own me or define me - nor do I want to become defined by weight loss.

My guide is Brooke Castillo, author of If I am So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight.  I feel best and lose weight most effortlessly on a "paleo" approach - protein, fats, vegetables, limited and low glycemic fruits.  Eliminate processed foods, all fake sugars, fake fats, most grains.  Follow the 80:20 and 90:10 "rule".  My downside is emotional eating - trying to boost endorphin and neurotransmitter levels with high sugar, high carb foods.

Do you know this place, too?  If so, let's do this together.


July 8, 2016: Went hiking with my friend Bettye to the Lily Pond above Frisco Wednesday. I made it a mile on an easy contour train and had to turn back. My pulse ox hovered relentlessly between 73 and 83, though I wasn't struggling to breathe and felt good on the flats. Am I resigned by my asthma to a life without mountains? Or will dietary changes, weight loss and greater fitness bring me back home?



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