NOTE: COVID has created challenges for all of us. As of June, 2020 I am NO LONGER ACCEPTING new clients. I am operating on a very reduced schedule for existing clients . Please contact me directly for appointment inquiries. On line bookings are BLOCKED.

Stay safe. Stay well. Thank you for visiting my web site.

I’ve made my living thru massage, Ortho-Bionomy®, Reflexology and teaching for many years. In 1982 I was a white water raft guide and agricultural laborer with the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Between work, hikes, backpacks and white water rafting, I apprenticed with a massage therapist, and fell in love with the work. After careers in teaching, office support, management & administration, I “followed my bliss” and became a certified massage therapist.My training includes numerous massage modalities. I focus primarily on injury recovery, posture correction, chronic pain management & relief, and integrative massage for maintenance and well being.My touch can be gentle, soothing and relaxing or deep based on your needs. We work together in your journey from trauma, accidents, pain, surgeries, aging and/or the stuff of everyday life.Massage can be uncomfortable, even painful. My experience, and research, shows pain is NOT gain.  “Hurts so good” can change tissue. We explore that level of depth together. In general, excruciatingly deep work is rarely beneficial.Massage does NOT have to be painful to be effective.

In addition to private practice, my experience includes physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospice and hospitals. I taught Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Spa Science Chemistry, Reflexology and Business for the CO School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, and the Denver School of Massage Therapy. I was a certified Emergency Medical Technician for over 20 years and a Wilderness First Responder.

A sociologist by education, a teacher and outdoors woman, I am also an avid gardener, bread baker and beekeeper. I’m blessed with a joyful, compatible marriage with a long history.

I’m a large, active woman with respiratory challenges, arthritis, joint issues and a life long dysfunctional self care “strategy” of eating thru my emotions. I’ve used my body hard, and strive towards my own best health & fitness.