“In the last 5 years, I have sent numerous patients to Ms. Reinbrecht and have been told of her thoroughness of care and thoughtfullness during treatment.  She is a very remarkable, talented and caring massage therapist.”  – Adrian Swenson, DC

“I hope you know how good you are.  I’m sure that you treated me with the same care and concern with which you treat everyone else, but you made me feel special.  Although I will probably never know what has made me better, I am sure that whatever it was, you helped me through it.” 
 – Maryanne

“Thank you for helping us become some of the finest Reflexologists we can be.”
 – Eileen Kiefer

“She is adamant about her work.”  – Student at the Denver School of Massage Therapy

“Everyone was stumped as to what was going on.  I was put through a panoply of tests with each doctor thinking it was something else.  Jennifer did massage, research, sought input from others and tried her magic on me.  Although the pain persisted, I emotionally was feeling incredible support from her and was able to have that hour (frequently generously extended by Jennifer of her own accord) of knowing that other parts of my body were healthy and feeling relief.  The last time I went to see Jennifer was just before I had an MRI and she tried with all her might and soul to relieve the pain.  It did not seem to work but then when I went to bed that night, I kept waking up every hour, not because I was in pain, but because I was not! I just had to check every hour to seek if it was still holding!  You can’t imagine after so many weeks what it was like to have one night of waking up all the time in excitement rather than pain.  I almost canceled the MRI, but then the pain started to squeak back in.  The MRI revealed significant lumbar disc problems including bulging discs, one herniated disc and one torn one.  Add to that a torn ligament and a bone fragment.  Jennifer gave me one night of realizing there was the chance that I would not be in pain forever.   Jennifer is incredibly talented, intellectually curious so that she will research and seek ideas if she does not know the answer, and gives her all to her profession.  She is awesome!!”  – Dani